You need to go upstream.

Gil Dr and Rosenthal. Heidi Fisher in collaboration with researchers at Centro de Investigaciones Cientificas de las Huastecas in Hidalgo, Mexico, and Boston University has established that the seafood use chemical cues within their urine to elicit sexual responses from their downstream feminine counterparts. In a report funded by the National Research Basis and the American Livebearer Association, Rosenthal and his group discovered that male swordtail seafood strategically release pheromone-loaded urine in the current presence of females as a screen of courtship, indicating they have developed a temporal and spatial control of their pheromone release.Cliantha Analysis chooses Acceliant’s eClinical Suite for clinical trial data management needs Acceliant, a worldwide technology service provider of innovative clinical trial data administration solutions, today announced that Cliantha Research, a leading global Contract Research Business, has chosen Acceliant's eClinical Suite because of their clinical trial data administration needs. Acceliant's integrated e-PRO/EDC system offers a superior solution by allowing all of the research data to be readily available, eliminating the integration costs.