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Cosby disagrees: ‘If 55 percent of the people in your community experienced smallpox, it will be called by you an epidemic. However in the African-American community, we’ve staggering %ages of dropouts, teen pregnancies, and incarceration of youthful males, and we neglect to acknowledge the epidemic. This epidemic can only just be healed by a concentrate on parenting and education.’.. Bill Cosby models the record right on African American teen pregnancy Bill Cosby really wants to collection the record straight regarding the figures of African American teen being pregnant that he offers cited in his call-to-actions for better parenting and education.Preventive Solutions Task Force said ladies in their 40s at typical risk for cancer don’t need mammograms and that females 50 and older want them only every 2 yrs. Many groups, like the American Cancer Culture, still recommend annual mammograms beginning at 40. Doctors will never be amazed by these total outcomes, stated Dr. Peter Ravdin of the University of Texas Wellness Science Middle at San Antonio, among the organizers of the cancers conference. Females forget or lose tabs on when they got a mammogram last, and that’s among the downsides of guidance not to go each year, he said.