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, which,mall molecule therapy shows benefit for anemic patients via hydration of red blood cellsResearchers Identify innovative therapeutics for sickle cell anemia, which is due to specific factors in the disease progression, such as the important role of hydration of red blood cells . According to a study published online in advance in Blood, the official journal showed the American Society of Hematology, a novel small molecule therapy called senicapoc efficacy in maintaining hydration of red blood cells and increasing hemoglobin levels in patients with sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease affects about 70,000 Americans and millions worldwide. Sickle cell anemia can crescent be on on deoxygenation. Adhere due to their shape, stiffness and tendency to blood vessel walls, the cells must not be easy to move through the vessels clumps clumps, which, to block blood flow, and pain Proceedings of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , identified* the NMR chip juxtaposing magnetic signals from atomic nuclei in tap water flowing through a custom silicon chip, a tiny fluid channel and the NIST sensor. The Berkeley group recently this remote NMR technique for tracking small quantities of liquid or gas co-developed flow inside soft materials such as biological tissue or porous rock, for possible applications in industrial processes and oil exploration. The chip can be used in NMR spectroscopy, a widely used technique for determining physical, chemical, electronic and structural information about molecules are used. NMR signals corresponding to those magnetic resonance imaging MRI systems.


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