Union activists.

The Boston Globe: HEALTHCARE Players Decry Cuts Pitched In Washington A lot more than 50 state health care employees, executives, union activists, and lobbyists gathered on Beacon Hill yesterday to protest anticipated federal government funding cuts they say would squeeze the condition spending budget and devastate a business sector important to the Massachusetts economy. While people of the hastily assembled coalition said these were tracking fast-changing budget talks in Washington still, D.C vara-kontakter.html ., some approximated the cuts becoming contemplated could drain $1 billion to $3 billion in annual health care funding from the state’s $30 billion budget, hurting everyone from the poor and elderly to doctors-in-training at teaching hospitals .

Average costs for visits for all circumstances studied ranged from $441 for the ER to $98 for urgent care and $52 for retail care. These costs symbolize total costs, like the portion paid simply by the ongoing health program member. In 2008 according to, there were a lot more than 3 million total ER visits in Virginia. Anthem has created a Google Map that identifies all the ER alternatives throughout the state so people have this information at their fingertips. To access the information, please visit or just type ‘Anthem urgent treatment’ into Google or Bing.