Though it can harm any joint in the physical body.

Because the time passes, some individuals cannot work any falling completely at bed rest longer. Factors that raise the risk of osteoarthritis: 1. Age factor: Because the person gets old, she or he has the most likelihood of getting osteoarthritis. 2. Carrying excess fat or obese: Having much body puts more pressure on the joints located at knees, hips, spine, and ankles. 3. Bone deformities: Some individuals are born with defective joints or cartilage that boosts their threat of getting osteoarthritis. 4. Specific occupations: There are many jobs which demand plenty of holding or lifting function that eventually gives repetitive tension on a specific joint. 5. Joint injuries: Accidental injuries that take place while playing sports activities or met a major accident.The good reasons for the spread of level of resistance are much more complex, including appropriate antibiotic use, lack of appropriate hygiene and sanitation, and even the environment. The report, ‘Antibiotic Level of resistance: An Ecological Perspective on an Old Problem,in October 2008 ‘ is based on a colloquium convened by the Academy. It states that level of resistance development is normally founded in the inevitability of microbial evolution. There are no scapegoats, and responsibility is normally partly because of medical practice, including patient demand, commercial practices, politics, and antibiotics themselves. ‘Antibiotic resistance is an worldwide pandemic that compromises the treatment of all infectious diseases. At the present time, resistance essentially is uncontrollable.