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The disease causes brain inflammation, leading to a horrible end seen as a hallucinations and convulsions. Right today the only option for folks infected with rabies is an expensive and painful course of therapy that can cost up to $1,000 and need five vaccine injections and yet another shot of antibodies against the virus. The World Health Corporation estimates that around 55, 000 people die every year from rabies, and some evidence shows that number might climb. Vampire bats, that may harbor rabies, generally dine on the bloodstream of cows and pigs.At least seven folks have been hospitalized with swine flu in the United States, and Richard Besser, performing director of the federal Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in Atlanta, said deaths are likely. ‘I fully expect we will see deaths out of this infection’ as instances are investigated, he said. The hospitalizations consist of three in California and two in Texas, Besser said. Later, NY said two people have been hospitalized.