There was a substantial correlation between myocardial telomere and aging.

Therefore, the issue of age-related telomere shortening during existence in the context of cause of death remains unclear.Accordingly, in today’s study using Southern blotting, we measured telomere in samples of myocardial tissue from a large sample of 530 autopsy cases covering a broad age range, from neonates to centenarians. Particular attention was paid to yearly telomere reduction prices in this large number of myocardium samples. Furthermore, we analyzed the relationship between myocardial heart and telomere weight for significant reasons of death among the individuals examined. Materials-and-methods: The study protocol was approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology Ethics Committee.It cleans up the physical body and regulates digestion and this subsequently results in a clear and flawless skin. It is thought to prevent the formation of cataract in the eye. The alga is known to have several healing properties also. It is noticed that regular consumption of chlorella heals the ailments due to excessive radiation exposure. Additionally it is known to heal wounds faster owing to its rich chlorophyll content. Research are underway to verify the positive effects of the alga in dealing with cancer.