There are a great number of different approaches to treating the cold.

Catching the common cold virus: researchers coming down with the rhinovirus genome A new study by Brigham Young University experts on the virus behind nearly half of all chilly infections explains how and where evolution occurs in the rhinovirus genome and what this means for possible vaccines shipping click here . The study is certainly reported in the April problem of the educational journal Molecular Biology and Evolution. ‘There are a great number of different approaches to treating the cold, none of which seem to be effective,’ said Keith Crandall, professor of biology and co-author of the scholarly study.

ATLAS is initially being used both in the area of neurological research, e.g. The young field of human brain mapping, and for traditional routine jobs in histology and pathology. Here, there can be an increasing demand for efficient, cost-effective ways of examining a steadily increasing quantity of specimens with continuously increasing sizes using resolutions in the nanometer range. With suitable specimens, unattended procedure can acquire multi-image montages that span large fields of view incredibly, permitting capture of areas on the millimeter scale with resolution on the nanometer level in a handful of hours. The in-built viewer software with integrated zoom function facilitates continous enlargement of the ultimate image from tough overview until nanometer quality.