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The site cycled in the U.S journal of medicine . To raise awareness and funds for lupus RaiseDylan Trakas of Spartanburg, South Carolina and James Mason in Houston, two graduates completed 15 weeks 15 weeks journey on Saturday, September after biking nearly 4,000 miles from Bellingham, Washington to Charleston, South Carolina. Their goal was to raise awareness for lupus, a debilitating and life – threatening disease that causes the immune system the body’s the body’s attack cells and tissues -. Dylan and James also solicited donations and raised $ 20,000 for the Lupus Foundation of America for research, education and care. The ride is particularly and personally meaningful, the two bikers because Dylan’s mother suffers from lupus. – Dylan and James began their journey, the third they called ‘Across the Lupus ‘on They created a website so family and friends were able to track their progress and donations as they traveled across the country. The site includes photos of their adventures and a journal to the people, places and events they experienced during recording on the road.

The committee in its report said about 3,000 to 5,000 people who have received access to medicines through NACO resistance to first – develops develops, adding that the government’s decision to second-line treatment to to 100,000 people a first-line access to medicines receive is ‘insensitive and inhuman. ‘the Committee has NACO not fully utilized the seven billion rupees, or allocated about $ 172 million for the 2006-2007 fiscal year. Actual expenditures reported on 15 February were 5.8 billion rupees, or about $ 141 million. Committee said, check that the expenditure shortfall efforts, the spread of HIV in the country to obstruct. Committee also noted that to establish the effort to sexually transmitted infection clinics, targeted interventions and new schools to HIV / AIDS education does not provide was realized. Committee said that will not achieve such goals ‘grave future implications ‘.

46 percent young people who have already had at least one follow-up questionnaire depression symptoms at study. And well being of experiencing a teens gestation within two years from birth. 10 percent had more than one subsequent pregnancy. Average period between the pregnancy was approximately 11.4 months. Teenagers with depressive symptoms have had 44 percent tend on are at a future pregnant. To authors write that teenagers with a a subsequent pregnancy should be sooner school drop, do not condoms consistently at follow-up, and report an relationship with its father of her child who were inclined being older, .

Hala Moddelmog, CEO of the Susan Komen Foundation spoke straight Your Style it is doing great work around the world now I am was wrong with her to Saudi Arabia and Jordan and the United Arab Emirates in October when we announced to. Twenty-five between the Middle East – of breast cancer twinning between the United States and the Middle East.