The researchers that have analyzed for the very first time the bacterias.

The researchers that have analyzed for the very first time the bacterias, genes, enzymes and molecules that form the gut microbiota of individuals treated with antibiotics publish the results of their research in the web edition of the journal 'Gut' malegra 120 sunrise more info . In the gut live one trillion bacteria, which are referred to as gut or microbiota flora, and that have co-progressed in symbiosis with humans. According to the scholarly study, treatment with antibiotics can alter this symbiosis from first stages of the procedure.

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Linda Buck of the research center says it remains unclear why, depriving the body of most but the minimum quantity of calories had a need to survive appears to enhance longevity however the Seattle team believe they could have found an easier way to achieve the same effect. Nematode worms are ideal subjects for studies into lifespan, they are very similar in many ways to humans because they have a central nervous system and sexual reproduction; they only live for only a matter of weeks also. Dr. Buck says they are unable to explain it nonetheless it is possible the medication disturbed the balance of two brain chemical substances that assist the nematode decide whether there is enough meals around to justify laying eggs which, might create a ‘perceived, but not real’ state of starvation.