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Research have indicated ClinicalTrials does not have a uniform method of reporting deaths and that can lead to inconsistencies. ‘This is actually the most comprehensive study of to time,’ said Mark Helfand, M.D., M.S., M.P.H., professor of medication and medical informatics and clinical epidemiology at the OHSU School of Medication, and a co-author of the analysis/research. ‘It shows that patients and clinicians could use it to discover info that is not obtainable in the published literature, particularly to get more complete information about the harms of varied treatment options.Women with the most serious clinical depressive disorder were identified by the use of a 5-point mental health index rating of significantly less than 53 or by the fact they had taken antidepressants regularly. No relationship was observed between antidepressant use and fatal CHD or non-fatal coronary attack – – but a link between serious center rhythm problems, including those that cause sudden death, was found. According to the American Center Association, SCD causes unexpected, sudden loss of life from an abrupt loss of center function. These data show the hyperlink between depression and critical heart rhythm problems may be more technical than previously thought.