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Since leaving workplace Expenses Clinton has devoted a lot of his energy to getting anti-AIDS drugs to poor countries at the least expensive possible prices through the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative . The Foundation is dealing with 22 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia to provide anti-AIDS drugs to greater than a quarter of a million individuals through special drug offers. Meanwhile the United Nations is urging the state of Goa to abandon controversial programs to force marrying couples to undergo compulsory testing for HIV. India is certainly estimated to have significantly more than 5 million people who have HIV/Helps and the legislation would make Goa the first state in India to insist on premarital examining. In India the stigma linked to the disease and the high price of the medications used to take care of the disease, mean few come ahead for testing voluntarily.Research has shown that amyloid results from aggregation of misfolded Abeta proteins. The Amorfix AD diagnostic test has been developed to detect aggregated Abeta, the characteristic feature of Alzheimer’s disease, in a blood sample or CSF whereas existing assays only detect Abeta. The company believes that recognition of aggregated Abeta in bloodstream or CSF would represent a significant advancement in the visit a reliable indicator showing proof Alzheimer’s disease. The company believes that CSF will have a higher focus of Abeta aggregates because they originate from the brain and are not really diluted in the plasma.