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In the U.S. Today, nearly 8 million women possess millions and osteoporosis more are at risk. The World Health Organization and the U.S. Surgeon General have became a member of NOF in declaring osteoporosis a major public health issue for the country. In a 2008 study, it was uncovered that 40 % of women and 60 % of men age group 45 and old have little if any concern about their bone health. Additionally, it’s been reported that nine out of 10 teenage girls fail to get enough of the calcium they need. ‘Bone health is usually a family concern, particularly as genetics and heredity are among the key factors that influence a person’s risk of developing osteoporosis,’ said Robert Recker, MD, president of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. ‘However, there are numerous lifestyle choices that family members can make to help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis later in life.’ NOF encourages all individuals, young and old, to eat a well-balanced diet rich in vitamin and calcium D, exercise and be active, and avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.The 22,500 square foot shop on South Highway 377, expected to re-open up with the Brookshire Brothers banner by the 4th of July, will emphasize fresh! Clients will be presented to Brookshire Brothers signature fried poultry and other house cooked daily specials and also grab and go items for folks on the run. They will also enjoy a wide variety of fresh make and the comfort and quality of having an waiting for you bakery, meat marketplace and a full-program pharmacy complete with a drive thru. By July 4th The renovation procedure is likely to start in early spring with completion expected. In addition to hiring 50 visitors to serve its clients approximately, Brookshire Brothers anticipates spending about $2 million renovating the store to meet the needs of Pilot Point and surrounding communities.