PSA for prostate-specific antigen.

PSA for prostate-specific antigen, is used, it is a protein of the prostate. Most of the men PSA leaves the body in the semen. Escapes but a small amount into the bloodstream. The PSA test is a blood test based on monoclonal antibody technology. The PSA test measures the blood. When levels are high, or increase over time the patient could mean that the patient may have developed prostate cancer.

Medical practice guidelines for prostate cancer screening , or PSA screening is controversial because it is uncertain whether the benefits of screening outweigh the risks. The risks include overdiagnosis, doctor has advised biopsies and other medical interventions. – After a review by the Preventive Services Task Force, is ‘prostate-specific antigen – based screening results in small or no reduction in prostate cancer – specific mortality and damage related to subsequent evaluation and treatments, some of the related. ‘. ‘.‘Many people are is based with herbal medicines or massage therapy or other treatments at what they are reading in popular magazines or see on TV, ‘Hong said. – ‘More research is necessary to ensure safety and effectiveness of alternative medicines , especially of possible interactions when examine to study in prescription drug. ‘.

Hong and their colleagues work on a new study that to a more comprehensive look, Ohio State men able alternative drugs and how often to will last will take them. – Alternative medicine offers as an important option responsive to the demand for health care the United States, Hong said. We need view more as to who to ensure the use of alternative medicine, and about the on medication and therapies with a with brought up. .