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Mike Huckabee added on his personal blog: ‘A lot of kids who believe learning isn’t cool desperately needed to hear that. They are communications that teachers try in vain to show kids. Will they finally listen if it comes from Ashton Kutcher? Hard to say. But that video has gone viral and has been watched a large number of times on the web. So, good job, Ashton.’.. Ashton Kutcher shocks America’s youth by telling them success comes from hard work So much of what passes for intelligentsia in Hollywood is usually bit more than left-wing, progressive blather, but once in a while a star tells it enjoy it really is – and it’s as refreshing as a great breeze on a hot summer day. Ashton Kutcher so long as cool breeze lately when he informed America’s youth what therefore many politicians and entertainers alike know but won’t state, because they’re scared of either shedding a vote or a fan: That there surely is no free lunch time, and you get ahead by working hard.Can suicide be predicted? Study says yes Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple questionnaire that could predict who’s and who isn’t going to attempt suicide? Turns out there is, and new research shows it to end up being accurate extremely. Images – Who’s at risk for suicide? 5 life-saving questions to ask Experts evaluated the Columbia-Suicide Intensity Rating Scale – already in use by institutions which range from the World Health Organization to regional fire departments – in three distinct research. One involved adults given emergency look after psychiatric problems. Two others included adolescents who had been diagnosed with major unhappiness or who got attempted suicide. The study’s lead author said the studies showed that the C-SSRS was incredibly accurate at predicting suicide attempts.