Produced by University of Queensland scientists.

What we hope regarding the technology isn’t just get it registered in order that Australians may use this vaccine, but to boost the manufacturing technology to create it even more quickly also, Dr Lua said. This allows us to end up being better positioned the next time Australia can be met with a pandemic circumstance, or in the event swine flu turns nasty. .. Australian swine flu vaccine prepared in months A vaccine designed ‘in record time’ by Australian scientists to safeguard against the influenza A H1N1 virus might not be available at this time because this swine flu vaccine, produced by University of Queensland scientists, isn’t yet authorized for use in Australia. The swine flu vaccine originated by the University’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, just fourteen days after getting the genetic construct from america.These situations have been linked to contaminated water products in hotels and cruise lines. Legionnaires` disease is normally spread via drinking water vapor or droplets made up of the bacteria. It is not spread from individual to individual. A number of different water sources have been identified as the origin of outbreaks over the last couple of years: Cooling towers and air-conditioning systemsSwimming poolsHot tubs and whirlpoolsWater systems in hospitals and assisted living facilities and hotelsDiligent washing and inspection can prevent the spread of the condition from these sources. Although this is the most common type to spread Legionnaires` disease, there are reviews of people getting ill from contaminated soil. The bacteria are not transmitted from person to person.

Cancer fighter may also help patients survive pneumonia The tip of an immune molecule known for its skill at fighting cancer also may help patients survive pneumonia, scientists report.