‘This can mean maintaining good diet and exercise habits, but it can mean continuing to stick to prescribed medications also. Medication adherence can be an often overlooked – but vital – component in treating and preventing cardiovascular disease. Patients have to implement medicine regimens that ensure they are taking medicines at the proper times and frequently to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease.’ In order to promote greater medicine adherence, CVS Caremark provides services targeted at helping patients abide by medication regimens.Most people will end up being at least be affected by some mild type of pimples at one stage in life. Adjustments in hormone level Teenagers appear to be the favourite prey for acne. This usually occurs when a teenager is undergoing puberty. The noticeable change in hormone levels due to puberty may be a possible cause for acne. In fact, these groups of folks are also likely going to be suffering from acne due to hormonal changes, infants and mid lifestyle women namely. If you are actually a parent and your baby is strike by acne, it is usually not a cause for concern as the pimples will most likely go away as time passes. For menopausal women, hormone therapy can help with the clearing of acne. Of course, if uncertain, always examined with a medical professional to find the best advice.