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Breast cancer subtypes result from different biological pathways There is a biological distinction between breast cancers that depend on hormones and those that do not, friday according to analyze published, April 25th in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics. Scientists previously thought that hormone dependent breast cancers, which require treatment with procedure and anti-hormone drugs generally, originated from the same biological pathway as hormone independent breasts cancers, which are treated with chemotherapy and surgery. Related StoriesMeat-rich diet may increase kidney tumor riskOvarian cancer patients with a brief history of oral contraceptive use have better outcomesCrucial change in single DNA foundation predisposes children to aggressive form of cancerIn the biggest study of its kind, an international consortium of cancer experts studied the genetic makeup of over 23,000 breast cancer situations.* Dr.Related StoriesDNA tests for Down's syndrome could potentially conserve lives of unborn babiesCologuard stool DNA check: A precise screening option for Alaska Native people who have colorectal cancerNew study examines previously unknown key to DNA repair Intriguingly, this enhancer occupies a spot in the genome that Vakoc's group found was most abnormally duplicated in AML cells frequently. We usually search for duplicated genes in cancer, Vakoc says. But this is actually the first time we've ever seen DNA for an enhancer, than for a gene rather, being a common duplication in a malignancy type. In mechanical conditions, how will SWI/SNF exert control over Myc? Vakoc collaborated with CSHL Professor David Spector to regulate how the DNA at the Myc gene is definitely folded and organized within the nucleus.