For probing the molecular mechanisms of this switch before the use.

For probing the molecular mechanisms of this switch, do the researchers discovered that the mutated KRAS blocked the action of of a protein called beta-catenin. They also showed that beta-catenin required for efficient acinar regeneration before the use . Most notable is, they showed when the beta-catenin signaling pathways were forcibly maintained in the context of the KRAS mutation acinar is not PDA precursors. These results show that beta-catenin is essential for acinar regeneration, says Hebrok, a member of the UCSF Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center. They also demonstrate that beta-catenin signaling pathway has to mutated Kras are blocked, However, of the fate of the cell, which is produced during the pancreas damage to use and force these de – differentiated cells to be PDA precursors. In the absence of injury, he says, a mutation in Kras cause not likely in an acinar cell, the cell changes leading to cancer undergo, or it could be these changes cause very slow But if there is a mutation in Kras in a cell acute or chronic pancreatitis acute or chronic pancreatitis de – differentiation has, this progression toward cancer would occur relatively quickly. .

In the current study in a recent issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation reported the team to investigate how mutant Kras co-opts the damaged acinar set.

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