Closing in on neurologic biomarker diagnosis By Eleanor McDermid.

Closing in on neurologic biomarker diagnosis By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews Reporter A panel of five cerebrospinal liquid biomarkers may help doctors to accurately diagnose sufferers with various types of dementia and parkinsonian disorders, analysis published in the Archives of Neurology suggests. Within an editorial accompanying the study, Richard Perrin notes that more work remains to be achieved, but says: This research represents a substantial step forward, demonstrating what sort of fairly modest panel of robust CSF proteins biomarkers can categorize dementias and parkinsonian syndromes based on pathology rather than clinical/behavioral adjustments. In every, the team assessed 453 CSF samples from individuals with dementia or parkinsonian disorders and 107 from healthy volunteers.According to the National Tumor Institute, there have been 43,000 new situations of pancreatic malignancy in the U.S. This past year and 37,000 deaths from the condition. As with other types of cancer, pancreatic cancer is definitely treated with chemotherapy, and radiation. But Dr. Pachter says the only way to cure the disease is with surgery – commonly via a difficult procedure called the whipple treatment, in which the relative head of the pancreas, the gall bladder and parts of the stomach and small intestine are removed.