CJD presents major diagnostic problems By Eleanor McDermid.

However, of the 17 patients who received a short correct medical diagnosis, 16 received it from a neurologist. Such delays and misdiagnoses are understandable, says Caselli, ‘because the preliminary symptoms of the patient may have been non-specific or may have suggested a far more common and less lethal alternative medical diagnosis.’ But he notes that delays postpone suitable treatment, saying that ‘CJD is definitely a challenging management problem, which is all the more reason professional palliative care should be sought.’ And Caselli also highlights the reverse situation, in which CJD is diagnosed when the individual in fact has a possibly reversible condition.These generally appear after a particular age and can be observed around the mouth, on the forehead around the optical eyes etc. Botox, contains injecting a fluid at the concerned area, the fluid helps relax the muscle that causes wrinkles due to movement. This outcomes in significant smoothening of wrinkles. Botox provides real encounter a smoother and younger appearance in a matter of time. Wrinkle Treatments are thus very popular with women and men in the age band of 40 years and above. Apart from wrinkles the additional skin ailment from ageing is the hollowness due to sagging.