Children with prenatal methamphetamine exposure 2.

The researchers studied 151 children exposed to methamphetamine before birth and 147 who were not subjected to the drug. They found the young children with prenatal methamphetamine exposure were 2.8 times more likely to have cognitive problem ratings than children who weren’t exposed to the medication in a test often used for measuring cognitive skills, the Connors' Parents Rating Scale. These problems consist of learning slower than their classmates, having problems organizing their work and completing duties and struggling to stay focused on their function, said Lynne M. Smith, MD, a business lead researcher at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute and corresponding writer of the study.Moreover, they could be discolored or sticky because of the dirt. * Shatter/Amberglass – By the process of hash essential oil extraction we can get shatter or amberglass concentrates which are usually soft in texture and can be yellow or orange in color. * Wax/Hash Oil – The quantity of THC is normally same in hash and wax essential oil. The extraction can produce them of butane hash oil. The wax is generally easier to handle than oil. Wax is called as earwax also. Although, all the previously listed concentrates are perfect for treating any health problem yet they aren’t recommended for the heart patients, children and expectants.

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