CDC issues updated guidelines for high-risk Ebola cases NEW YORK U.

CDC issues updated guidelines for high-risk Ebola cases NEW YORK – U viagra for kvinner .S. Health officials are recommending that people who are at highest risk for decreasing with Ebola avoid industrial travel or attending huge public gatherings, even if they have no symptoms. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control issued the updated advice to state and regional officials on Monday. The CDC guidance comes after the governors of New York and NJ announced mandatory quarantines for medical workers returning from three West African countries suffering from the worst Ebola outbreak in world history. Maryland and Illinois have got announced quarantines for wellness workers at risky for getting the disease, including anyone who’s touched an Ebola patient’s body liquids without protective equipment.

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These revised guidelines revise previous tips for HIV testing in healthcare settings and for screening of pregnant women. .. CDC fails to implement official HIV screening guidelines, AHF criticizes As health departments, today community companies and AIDS advocates around the country observe National HIV Examining Day, AIDS Healthcare Foundation criticized the Centers for Disease Control’s for its failure to implement its own landmark 2006 change it its official HIV tests suggestions that included the suggestion for routine assessment of most individuals ages 13-64 for HIV because they check out or encounter program healthcare settings.