Can blood test tell how long you need to live?

Can blood test tell how long you need to live? How long do you want to live? That issue may no become an idle one, as researchers say they’ve think of a simple blood test that reveals your biological age, permitting a reasonable estimate of just how soon you’re likely to encounter the grim reaper generic cialis cipla . The over-the-counter test is scheduled to be on sale in Britain afterwards this year, the Independent reported. It purportedly functions by measuring the duration of your respective telomeres. Those are the cap-like molecular structures on the ideas of the chromosomes that scientists say are closely associated with one’s biological age – and the shorter they are, researchers believe, the nearer one is definitely to death.

Approximately 20 per cent of pupils per course could be labelled as risky. Researchers will invite children aged 13-16 from 9-12 mixed comprehensive schools in Bath, Bristol, Nottingham and Swindon to full a screening questionnaire. The HTA program is a programme of the National Institute for Health Analysis and produces top quality research information regarding the performance, costs, and broader effect of health systems for individuals who use, manage and provide treatment in the NHS.. Can cognitive behavioural therapy help defeat depression? The effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of depression will be examined by researchers at the University of Bristol as part of the National Institute for Wellness Research Health Technology Assessment programme.