Bush outlines government activities on HIV/AIDS President Bush visited Philadelphia.

The President announced: Immediate option of $20 million in new financing to deliver life-saving drugs to the women and men in the United States living with HIV/Helps who are waiting around today for HIV-related medicine; Support for the reauthorization of the Ryan White colored Comprehensive AIDS Resources Crisis Act based upon the principles of focusing Federal resources on life-extending care; ensuring flexibility to focus on resources to address regions of ideal need; and ensuring results; Second distribution of obtainable funding for the concentrate countries of the Crisis Plan for AIDS Relief – – $500 million – – will be on its way to organizations working in the field to supply antiretroviral therapy, promote prevention, care for orphans, and build the ongoing health system capacity in Africa and the Caribbean; and Vietnam as the 15th concentrate country in the Crisis Strategy.Hal Ruddick, executive director of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and lead negotiator for the federation of 28 union locals, stated, We're taking a stand to protect patients, families and employees from the flu virus, which kills a large number of people every full year. Ruddick said that Kaiser Permanente and the unions, which represent 105,000 Kaiser Permanente employees across the country, started negotiations early in the full 12 months with mutual commitments to patient and worker health insurance and safety.