BioLife Solutions announces preliminary income of $9 million for 2013 BioLife Solutions.

We will continue steadily to seek additional opportunities to supply aseptic media formulation, fill, and finish solutions on a agreement basis as the regenerative medicine marketplace matures over another several years.. BioLife Solutions announces preliminary income of $9 million for 2013 BioLife Solutions, Inc. , a respected developer, manufacturer and internet marketer of proprietary clinical-quality hypothermic storage space and cryopreservation freeze press and precision thermal delivery items for cells and cells, today announced preliminary income of $9.0 million for the entire year 2013.We are so proud to be dealing with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to greatly help build a Center that delivers world-class care to females who have the highest threat of complications within their pregnancies, says John Thain. This multidisciplinary Center is one of only several in the united states that provides this sort of caution. We are delighted to be able to continue to support women’s wellness initiatives at NewYork-Presbyterian. .

Cacao found to be a ‘defense shield’ against strokes It could not be the recommendation that’s suitable to a dietician but chances are good the average person will like it: new research shows that chocolate may become sort of ‘defense shield’ against stroke. Experts from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden followed more than 37,000 Swedish men; in the end, the info showed that those eating the many chocolate were the least likely to have a stroke, according to reviews detailing the project.