BIND Therapeutics reports income of $2.

, a clinical-stage nanomedicine system business developing programmable and targeted therapeutics called AccurinsTM, today reported financial outcomes for the fourth one fourth and year-ended December 31, 2013. ‘2013 was a transformative calendar year for BIND as we produced significant progress towards offering improved treatment plans for patients with tumor,’ stated Scott Minick, BIND's CEO and President. ‘We initiated two Stage 2 studies with this lead product applicant, BIND-014, in both metastatic castrate resistant prostate tumor and non-little cell lung tumor.We are damned if we perform and damned if we don’t. Our pharmacies are required by law to perform this step and now we are getting accused of facilitating unethical methods. It is unbelievable, but I would debate ethics than break a law rather, particularly if the practice enhances security rather than detracts from it, says MacKay. Dosanjh’s portrayal of the secondary medical review as unprofessional and unethical demonstrates a simple misunderstanding of the real clinical advantage that the Canadian doctor brings to the continuum of care. Their review of an existing prescription by a U.S. Primary care physician serves as a check of the patient’s medical profile and possible drug interactions. When a problem is discovered both physicians consult each other often.