As doctors rely on technology.

As doctors rely on technology, physical exams neglected often NPR examined ‘the dying art of the physical exam’ in its Monday morning health segment. And it appears the trend will probably worsen erektions problem . At Stanford Medical School, professor Abraham Verghese can be leading the charge to restore the physical exam from what he considers its rightful place, and provide doctors’ skills up to snuff. ‘I sometimes joke that if you come to our hospital missing a finger, no-one will believe you until we get a CAT scan, an MRI and an orthopedic consult,’ Verghese says. ‘We just don’t trust our senses.’ Verghese says it’s as though the output of devices is the only information that counts. At Stanford, they’re attempting to reverse the development.

Ascletis receives TFDA approval to begin Stage II trial of interferon-free HCV regimen Ascletis today announced it received the authorization from the Taiwan Meals and Medication Administration to start stage II clinical trial for its all-oral interferon -free regimen to treat chronic hepatitis C . The routine includes Ascletis' two direct-acting antiviral agents , the NS3/4A protease inhibitor ASC08 and the NS5A inhibitor ASC16. Jia-Hoang Kao, MD, Director of Clinical Research Institute at Taiwan University. The phase II study, named EVEREST, is designed to evaluate the antiviral activity, safety and pharmacokinetics of the program. Treatment-naive HCV genotype 1 non-cirrhotic sufferers will end up being enrolled and dosed for 12 weeks.