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Flavonoids are bioactive structures within plants that are recognized to have effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Nutrition experts theorize that tension and inflammation donate to cognitive impairment and that raising usage of flavonoids could thwart the dangerous effects. Many types of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease, are quickly emerging as ailments caused generally by poor way of living and an extremely processed diet comprising sugar, glucose-stimulating carbohydrates and hydrogenated body fat.The differential diagnoses within an elderly female affected individual with acute transient monoarthritis include crystal-associated arthritis, palindromic rheumatism and septic arthritis. Case scenario Helen is a slim and dynamic 72-year-old woman who’s well usually. She has provided after two episodes of acute arthritis in the previous fortnight. The first episode involved her correct wrist, lasted 48 hours and completely resolved. The second episode developed a week later in her remaining elbow, which also became warm and swollen and intensely painful to go but similarly got totally resolved after 48 hours.