Announced that there was a $ 200.

Humana Inc. Announced that there was a $ 200,000 grant from the Community Regional Medical Center announced by the Community Connections program.

Community Regional Medical Center of the Community Connections program launched in September 2009 to address the complex psychosocial problems of patients, homelessness, drug abuse, mental illness, and the lack of access to a primary care provider contain tackle. The goal of the program is to provide intensive case management and public relations provide the frequency of visits to the emergency room to reduce, reduce length of hospital stay and readmissions and assist patients improve their health and quality of life.Iyer use the appliance first to India on a 60-year-old patient in the Manipal Heart Federation. He performed five of these surgeries to said proximal anastomosis to the present.. Given by Ganeshakrishnan Dr. Iyer D old cardiac surgeon in Manipal Herz Stiftung: The printing against the wall aortic through the bracket damages the deposits of cholesterol in wall The deposits are dissolved, as the staple be attached and away that to in stroke, brain the brain the new. The new device not damage wall of the aorta and therefore to have a stroke and the blood loss is decreases is also very low.

Designed A new light effect referred to proximal anastomosis device have been, that eliminates the need for partially occlusal clamping device during coronary bypass. Said patient friendly tool be used first at of the country in Manipal Heart Federation, to reduce the risk of stroke and non minimizing blood loss during surgery.