Angola reports 41.

Angola reports 41,475 cholera cases and 1576 deaths As of 31 Might 2006, Angola has reported a complete of 41,475 cholera situations and 1576 deaths 3.8 percent). Thirteen out of 18 provinces are affected; of all cases, 51 percent have occurred in Luanda and 19 percent in Benguela province xenical france click here . The CFR, broken down by province, ranges between 1 and 30 percent. Although current trends display a decline in most provinces, a daily incidence of around 250-300 cases is being reported still. Based on the cumulative attack price , the most affected provinces are Kwanza Norte , Bengo , Malange , Luanda and Benguela . WHO continues to work with the Ministry of Health and other partners to provide support in coordination, water and sanitation and intensified surveillance.

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