And the [World Banks] International Finance Corp [IFC] on Fri.

And the [World Bank’s] International Finance Corp [IFC] on Fri,’ Reuters reports . ‘U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stated Friday that an increase in these investments will help transform little farmers into successful entrepreneurs. Many small farmers are females,’ the Associated Press writes .’ ‘Canada has pledged $50 million Canadian dollars, the United States $25 million, and IFC is likely to contribute $25 million, to aid the development of competitive agribusiness sectors in low-income countries, with a special concentrate on smallholder farmers,’ the press release says.Emergency esophagogastroduodenoscopy is recommended in the event of total occlusion of the esophagus or if sharpened or pointed items or batteries have been swallowed. Magnets and foreign bodies than 6 cm ought to be removed within 24 hours longer. The so-called body packers form a subgroup in this medical territory. Guideline is that asymptomatic persons should be noticed on the intensive care ward. No interventions ought to be undertaken. Symptomatic body packers with indications of intoxication, in whom a lethal dosis has to be assumed, ought to be stabilized and then instantly undergo laparotomy medically.

Baby with two heads survives surgery Because of a extremely rare birth defect referred to as craniopagus parasiticus, small Manar Maged was created attached skull-to-skull to the relative mind of an undeveloped twin.