Amorfix provides upgrade on cancers therapeutic antibody programs Amorfix Lifestyle Sciences Ltd.

We’ve been very successful in generating high affinity antibodies against disease particular epitopes , identified with the ProMIS technology, that present preferred binding to particular tumour cells, but not on track cells. Our anti-PrP antibodies are ideal applicants for the toxin conjugate approach because of the selective tumour cell binding. Furthermore, we have generated a genuine number of anti-CD38 antibodies that show very similar binding characteristics to specific tumours, but not to normal cells. The Fas receptor program behind isn’t far, and we are continuing to generate antibodies to Fas receptor specific DSEs.The agency’s stance contrasts with america and Switzerland, where regulators have temporarily stopped doctors using the vaccine which protects children against a diarrhoea-leading to virus called rotavirus, the news headlines service writes . AP Examines Initiatives By Uzbek Authorities To Restrict Doctors’ Travel Overseas To Medical Conferences The Associated Press reports on attempts by authorities in Uzbekistan to restrict the country’s doctors from planing a trip to international medical conferences.