Although brain tumors appears already in your family.

Consequently, the risk of inheritance is the genes of a brain tumor by a parent or grandparent is low. What’s exciting, she says, that the scientific community now has a population of high-risk families they able able to use and to further genetic investigations.. Although brain tumors appears already in your family, the probability of reaching, descendants and relatives still quite low. There are only about 17,000 primary brain tumors found in Americans each year, half of which are severe. Less than 5 percent of these brain tumors are relatively rare hereditary.

Reported in the current issue of Neurology, the study was on medical records of nearly 1,500 people from Utah, the available genealogical material spanning had performed at least three generations. Data is from the early 1800s. The ‘genes’ eliminates environmental factors by looking at extended family relationships. ‘The study is unique in that we were able to go back so far, is in pursuit of family history records,’says Prof. Blumenthal. ‘Another feature of this study is that we are. Able to to identify high-risk pedigree families, in some cases, with 5,000 or more offspring ‘.‘We want to look carefully at hippocampus as learning, memory and learning, memory and depression was,’said Fonken who are along with Nelson, including members of the Ohio State the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research.