According to a report of California medical centers.

Charity and uncompensated care spending vary among not-for-profit hospitals greatly While not-for-revenue hospitals receive substantial tax benefits, some usually do not provide free or subsidized look after a higher %age of patients surviving in poverty than their for-profit counterparts, according to a report of California medical centers. That’s because eligibility criteria for tax-exempt position are ambiguous and there are no minimum requirements for hospitals' financial assistance programs, today say the researchers of the study published, August 3, 2015, in Health Affairs.The enzyme is definitely suppressed in tumor cells, and then the reovirus can replicate in the cancer tumor cell and destroy it. REOLYSIN typifies the real targeted therapy approach that seeks to use fundamental differences between cancer and normal cells as the foundation for effective anti-cancer methods and we are hence very worked up about the this study, said Francis Giles, MD, director of the CTRC Institute for Drug Development.