According to a fresh study published today in the British Journal of Tumor.

Cancer diagnosis may boost risk of death in males with mental illness Men suffering from psychiatric problems when diagnosed with cancer are more likely to die from the condition, according to a fresh study published today in the British Journal of Tumor . Wellcome Trust, researchers from University University London , University of Southampton and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden looked at 16,498 males with cancer. Of these, 941 have been admitted to hospital with mental illness ahead of their cancer diagnosis. Experts found that, within a complete year of a cancers diagnosis, around 23 per cent of guys with mental illness had died weighed against just under nine percent of men without psychiatric disease.

‘We continue steadily to welcome the generous donations we receive from the general public to ensure we can continue to build on what we’ve started today.’.. Cancer Research UK introduces new center in Oxford A new centre launched today will cement Oxford’s place at the forefront of cancer research, and form among the final links in a distinctive chain of Cancer Research UK Centres across the country. These new cancer centres will pull jointly world class laboratory analysis with medical expertise to provide the perfect results for cancer sufferers nationwide. The Oxford Tumor Research Center is definitely a partnership between Cancers Research UK, the University of Oxford and the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. It will help set the pace for national and worldwide progress in the understanding and treatment of a variety of cancers, including breasts, skin, gastrointestinal and urological.