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A Q&A with the CEO offers an in-depth dialogue of the five biggest issues facing oncology stakeholders. Furthermore, the magazine includes educational perspectives from Avella pharmacists and the providers they serve&mdash directly;such as an Ask the Pharmacist piece approximately arthritis rheumatoid and a firsthand accounts from a gastroenterologist who’s currently prescribing the most recent breakthrough Hepatitis C medications. For at-a-glance information, visitors can gain access to an informative infographic which information the true cost of treating sufferers with Hepatitis C.The C-CCNE, one of eight first centers in the national program, is among nine that are funded in the new phase. Joseph DeSimone, PhD, who will co-lead the C-CCNE research team along with Joel Tepper, MD, said, Our initiatives in nanomedicine show huge promise for improving the methods we detect and deal with lung, brain, and breast cancer. We’ve refined our ability to make nanoparticles with unprecedented control and precision, and continued work in this area will reveal better approaches to targeting cancers cells with powerful therapies while leaving healthful cells intact. DeSimone is certainly Chancellor’s Eminent Professor of Chemistry in UNC’s University of Arts and Sciences. Tepper may be the Hector MacLean Distinguished Professor of Cancer tumor Research and former chair of radiation oncology.