A manufacturer of innovative technology solutions for those who have respiratory conditions.

Our strong group of traders, the addition of John Miclot as chairman, and recent FDA clearance further validate that Breathe is certainly well positioned to bring breakthrough answers to the respiratory markets, said Gregory J. Kapust, president and CEO of Breathe Technologies. The Series C funding will fund commercialization of Breathe’s ultralight, mobile ventilation system for the millions of people worldwide with breathing challenges, such as COPD .Image quality allows for the recognition of elevated polyps, but not of finer mucosal detail such as vascular colitis and anomalies. Patients have to take bowel preparation because they would for conventional colonoscopy. The colon is normally distended with surroundings by rectal CT and catheter imaging undertaken, during a one breath keep, in both prone and supine positions; this is to minimise fake negative and fake positive results. Sedation is not needed. Sensitivity for detecting large polyps in professional centres is comparable to colonoscopy; the need for this polyp size threshold pertains to the significantly increased likelihood of current or future malignancy.