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Altogether, our health care business represents over 25 percent of CTG’s revenue and remains the major focus of our development. CTG’s significant experience in electronic medical record implementations at both the company and community level positions us very favorably as healthcare agencies increasingly turn to EMR systems in an effort to improve patient care and reduce costs. Additionally, the availability of ARRA stimulus funds to support EMR implementations is further generating demand for these operational systems.Currently 19 claims and the District of Columbia allow visitors to make use of marijuana for medical reasons with a doctor’s prescription. Washington and Colorado will be the only states which have legalized pot for recreational reasons. Doctors to get the prescribing marijuana talked in the survey’s remarks about the doctor’s responsibility to greatly help minimize sufferers’ suffering, the known risks of prescription narcotics and painkillers and individuals’ personal choice. Those against legalization brought up having less evidence that marijuana offers any medicinal benefits, the issue with dosing and sourcing of medical weed and the medial side effects. Furthermore, a Pew Research study released in April 2013 uncovered that most Americans now think that marijuana ought to be legal.